Different Translations of the Bible

Our school had a foreign student from Hong Kong, who spoke English well.  One day another student exclaimed, “That’s right on the money.”  Then he realized that a girl from Hong Kong would probably not understand his expression.

If the original Hebrew or Greek of the Bible contained the phrase “That’s right on the money,” an “easier to understand translation” might have “That’s exactly right.”  A “closer to the original” translation might maintain “That’s right on the money.”

Some “closer to the original” translations include The New King James Version, the New American Standard Bible, and the English Standard Version.

A good “easier to understand” version is the New International Version (1984 edition –  In my opinion, the NIV 2011 edition makes unacceptable deviations).

The older King James Version editions were excellent “closer to the original” translations.  Although the 1611 edition has some attractive features, it no longer reflects the commonplace vocabulary used in the original New Testament


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