Success According to Psalm 147

There are many activities which are good if allowed a small portion of one’s time and attention but bad if given too much time and attention. That is my assessment of the quest to make my life productive. I suppose that asking whether my life is productive is inherent to life as designed by God. Furthermore, the question is prompted by the parable of the talents in Matthew 25: 14-30. Reading that parable prompts one to ask himself if he is a profitable servant. Am I making good use of the abilities and opportunities given to me? However, attention to that question needs to be limited by the fact that my life is not about me. It is about God. My effectiveness and my role is a small issue in comparison to the much larger issue of whether God is being honored.  When I focus on my effectiveness Psalm 147:11 seems a good measure. “The LORD takes pleasure ….” The ultimate human success is for God to take pleasure in me. And how does it happen that God takes pleasure in someone? “The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy.” To fear God is an attitude. To hope in His mercy is an expectation. Together they make me a source of pleasure for God.


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